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Water Cars

In 2013, WaterCar introduced the Panther, marking the advent of the first commercially available water car for the general public. Priced modestly at slightly over $135,000, the newer iterations of this model have gained popularity in Dubai, transcending beyond just the upper echelons of society. Notably, Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum, boasts ownership of six of these amphibious water vehicles himself.

When transitioning from land to water, the Panther employs a hydraulic off-road suspension to retract its wheels, achieving this process while gliding at speeds just below 10 mph. Remarkably, this metamorphosis from a terrestrial vehicle to a seafaring marvel, and vice versa, takes less than fifteen seconds. Once the transformation is complete, these vehicles, reminiscent of a scene from a James Bond film, can achieve water speeds surpassing 60 mph.