Alexander the Great

Various artistic interpretations of Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia and Persia, exist. He forged the largest empire in the ancient world. While Alexander was notorious for his thirst for power and inclination toward violence, he commanded unwavering loyalty from men who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for him. Presently, one can encounter numerous portrait busts and sculptures capturing Alexander the Great’s likeness.

Across these diverse depictions, his features have remained relatively consistent. Originating from Pella, Greece, a region where darker features are prevalent among men, Alexander’s portrayal often mirrors these attributes. Notably, the renowned mosaic featuring him showcases dark hair and eyes. Nevertheless, historical records indicate a departure from this norm—Alexander was reported to possess dark blonde hair, one blue eye, and one brown eye. Interestingly, despite the divergence in eye color, it appears that artists of the era did indeed imbue him with historically accurate traits.