Renowned Figure Skaters: Their Current Pursuits And Activities

Katarina Witt

Hailing from East Germany, Katarina Witt stands as one of history’s most accomplished figure skaters. Her accolades include 10 gold medals out of 11 major international events, encompassing two Olympics (1984, 1988), four World Championships, and an impressive streak of six consecutive European championship victories.Beyond her competitive skating prowess, Witt embarked on a professional journey that encompassed a three-year stint touring the U.S. alongside Brian Boitano. She also graced stages with Holiday on Ice and garnered accolades for her role in Carmen on Ice, including an Emmy award.

Post her retirement from skating in 1994, Katarina Witt delved into acting, gracing productions like Jerry Maguire and Everybody Loves Raymond. Notably, her presence in Playboy marked the magazine’s second-ever sold-out issue. Diverse undertakings have filled her schedule, including the authorship of a 2005 memoir, “Only With Passion,” and her portrayal of a skater in a biographical TV film. Recently, Witt circled back to her Olympic origins, leading Munich’s bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics, which ultimately ended in disappointment.