Famous Hollywood Stars Of The Golden Age Who Are Still Alive

We know their names and have seen their films and TV shows, but it’s easy to forget that some of Hollywood’s legendary pioneers are still alive today. Some have been there since the start of Old Hollywood’s golden age, so they’ve seen it all. Many have contributed to the advancement of actor equality and set the road for today’s stars. They influenced how we view TV and film, and people remember their legendary investments of all generations.

The route to Hollywood and the acting industry can be challenging, but those who have made it this far wouldn’t change anything. These icons are legends in their privilege, for better or worse. These are some of today’s most senior actors in Hollywood.

Goldie Hawn | 76 Years Old

Goldie Hawn is one of those drop-dead gorgeous stars of Hollywood who has an impressive career. She started as a professional dancer when she was only 19. At 24, she brought home her first Academy Award for her performance in Cactus Flower. She took a break from acting back in 2003 to set up MindUP, an organization that aids children in regulating their emotions.

Hawn has given a lot to her craft as an actress. She is known for her works in Private Benjamin, Death Becomes Her, Overboard, and, more recently, The Christmas Chronicles. To her credit, she knows how to balance her life and work, especially with her longtime partner, Kurt Russell, beside her. The two are among the longest couples in Hollywood.