Celebrity Net Worth: Which One Will Shock You?

Everyone knows that celebrities make a lot more money than the rest of us. Not only do things like movies, TV shows, music, and sports pay significantly more than most regular occupations, but many celebrities also have one, two, or even three side hustles that bring in a lot of money. While we anticipate celebrities to have large bank accounts, certain celebrities’ net worths are startlingly high, especially in their lucrative fields.

When increasing one’s wealth, consider that most celebrities have varied financial portfolios. Actors don’t simply make money by acting in movies, musicians don’t just make money by making music, and athletes don’t just play sports. Many extremely affluent celebrities put their money into real estate, stock investments, or even creating their businesses. They can increase their net worth by having various sources of income. Have you ever wondered how much your favorite artist is worth? Let’s do some digging.

Adele | $220 Million

Adele’s net worth is undeniably high, with 15 Grammy Awards and 120 million albums sold to her credit. The well-known British singer first rose to prominence with her debut album, 19, featuring the hit singles Chasing Pavements and Cold Shoulder. Her net worth climbs significantly over the next year, with 30 continuing to sell exceptionally well, her songs dominating the streaming charts and a Las Vegas residency in 2022. With these great successes, how much is she worth right now?

Adele is worth $220 million as of December 2021. Perhaps most impressive about that figure is that, unlike many other chart-topping artists, she hasn’t used her celebrity to work with brands or launch products with her name attached, which could easily add to her fortune. She has made almost all of her wealth from writing and recording original music and performing it live for millions worldwide.Adele’s net worth is undeniably high.