7 Hilarious & Unforgettable Celebrity Reactions To The Paparazzi Who Kept Following Them

When someone decides to pursue a career as an actor, they automatically have to deal with the fact that they will become a bonafide celebrity in the eyes of all the people who watch them. Once they have a fanbase, these people will undoubtedly want more and more out of you. The thirst for knowledge extends from knowing about your next project, your age, what you do in your free time, and even your personal life.

The popularity that a person earns when they become a celebrity will also attract the paparazzi. These paparazzi can be annoying to an extensive degree and they would constantly nag and follow celebrities all day. As they’re exceptionally annoying, some celebrities have the most hilarious reactions to the paparazzi who follow them around.

Here are some of the most hilarious celebrity reactions to paparazzi who constantly nag and follow celebrities.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Lack of Creativity When It Comes To Avoiding The Paparazzi


Leonardo DiCaprio is unquestionably one of the most well-known Hollywood actors today. Considering that he’s an A-list celeb, you’d think that he’d be better at hiding himself from the paparazzi. He certainly has numerous methods to avoid being followed around, but you could say that these methods don’t exactly conceal him very well.

You could argue that Leo’s an incredibly chill person, and he doesn’t need to use over-the-top methods to hide from the paparazzi. Leo certainly deserves credit for this hilarious approach.

2. Ryan Gosling’s “Mature” Reaction


Anyone will be annoyed if they get disturbed during lunch. However, we didn’t expect that Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling would show such a hilarious reaction to this paparazzi. You could say that this reaction was incredibly “childish.” However, Gosling deserves credit for reacting the way he did instead of completely lashing out at the paparazzi.

3. A “Splashing” Britney Spears


Britney Spears is best known for her iconic performances and hit pop singles. She’s certainly become a hot attraction for the paparazzi, and they make sure to follow her around wherever she goes. In this instance, you could say that Britney has had enough of the paparazzi, and decided to treat them coke in the harshest of ways.

We’re giving Britney the benefit of the doubt here, as the paparazzi can get quite intrusive to an extensive degree. She must have had the best reason to react the way that she did in this particular situation.

4. Mark Wahlberg’s Anti-Paparazzi Squad


Mark Wahlberg is one celeb who’s known to appear in various action films. He’s also known for his temper, and you could say that his temper was pretty evident here. Wahlberg and his crew were being photographed by the paparazzi when they decided to return the favor. As a result, Mark and his friends turned the tables around and photographed the paparazzi. One could argue that this reaction was the most peaceful reaction coming from Wahlberg.

5. A Shy Dustin Hoffman


Dustin Hoffman is one famous actor who holds numerous film credits. You’d think that Hoffman would be pretty comfortable when it comes to getting cameras pointed at him. It turns out that he’s only comfortable in front of the camera when he’s onset. In this paparazzi shot, Dustin managed to shy away from the attention and hide behind a pole. Without question, this strategy wasn’t the best strategy to hide from paparazzi, but it’s certainly hilarious.

6. Kanye West’s Mood Swings


Kanye West is one celeb who’s known to have had his fair share of confrontations with the paparazzi. Unfortunately, a good number of those confrontations were physical confrontations, as the paparazzi seem to always get underneath Kanye’s skin. There’s no doubt that he doesn’t like when the photographers take photos without his consent.

Now we know that Kanye’s mood drastically swings whenever he sees paparazzi. In this photo, he was happily in a conversation with a couple of members of the Kardashian family. When he saw the paparazzi, his happiness seemed to have disappeared pretty quickly.

7. Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Stare Directly At The Paparazzi


The photographer who took this photo took a while to process the fact that these celebrities were making fun of him. All the credit goes to Sophie and Joe for giving such a hilarious reaction to the paparazzi. Instead of avoiding the camera, the couple decided to menacingly stare directly at the paparazzi’s camera.