5 Intoxicated Celebrities Caught On Camera After Having Had Too Much To Drink

Most of us can be found guilty for having had too much to drink. It’s not uncommon for us normal people to make complete fools of ourselves in front of whoever we’re drinking with when we’re wasted. In most cases, our drunk selves can’t help but act goofy and funny in public. Though intoxicated, one can argue that it’s one of the best moments in our lives.

Though getting drunk with our buddies on a night out can be incredibly fun, most of our friends can’t help but snap pictures of our intoxicated friends. Unfortunately, these pictures become publicized to a certain degree and reach social media. Interestingly, celebrities face the same dilemma whenever they go out for a night of drinking. The only problem is that they have heaps of paparazzi following them around.

We’ve managed to compile five of the most memorable moments of our favorite celebrities who had too much to drink. Without a doubt, we never expected these personalities to look as goofy as they do in these photos!

Emma Watson Looking Incredibly Merry


Emma Watson is a well-known Hollywood actress who can take credit for numerous blockbusters. You probably know her for her role in the iconic Harry Potter film franchise. She rose to fame at a young age, and you could say that she’s carved out a “sweetheart” reputation for most of us. However, in this photo, we’re surprised to see her buzzing while holding a bottle of beer.

It’s not uncommon for young Hollywood stars to develop a habit of drinking as they grow up. In this case, we’re pretty confident that Emma is having a great time. To her credit, she seems to be in the moment and enjoying every second of being buzzed.


Brad Pitt Looking Very Tipsy


Brad Pitt is another well-known Hollywood icon, and you could say that he’s embodied what it takes to be a man in today’s modern world. Of course, being a man involves a certain degree of drinking, but in this photo, it looks like Brad has had a bit too much to drink.

It’s pretty evident that Brad is very tipsy in this photo. Unfortunately for him, the paparazzi was more than ready to immortalize the moment. You could argue that Brad was able to see how goofy he looked during this night out.


Will Ferrell & His Beer Goggles


Will Ferrell is undoubtedly one of the funniest personalities in Hollywood today. In this photo, it looks like Will is more than willing to party, and he has his beer goggles on to go with the occasion. Though he looks pretty happy in this photo, we’re wondering if he knew that he looked pretty goofy in it, especially with his beer goggles on.

You could say that Will’s beer goggles allowed him to become an even funnier version of himself. Without a doubt, Ferrell deserves a ton of credit for always putting a smile on our faces, even when he goes out for a night of drinking!


Quentin Tarantino


Quentin Tarantino is arguably one of the most decorated and celebrated filmmakers in Hollywood. Interestingly, Tarantino has also had his fair share of night-outs, and in most of them, he drinks. He certainly looks incredibly goofy in this photo, and the paparazzi managed to take a snap of him taking a tumble.

We’re hoping that Tarantino didn’t hurt himself during this tumble. If he did, we’re confident that this award-winning filmmaker has comprehensive health insurance to help him in the process.

Courtney Love Looks Incredibly Wasted


Everyone has a good idea of who Courtney Love is. She’s an award-winning singer-songwriter who’s released several albums throughout her career. Along with her success, Love has also managed to celebrate her career breakthroughs with nights of drinking. She got herself wasted on a few of those nights, and this photo is all the evidence one needs.

It’s pretty clear that Courtney is drunk out of her mind here. We certainly want to know the paparazzi who took this snapshot as it’s one of the most hilarious celeb drunk snaps we’ve seen in a while. For Courtney, we’re hoping that she was able to recover from this heavy night of drinking.