10 Photos Of Celebrities Grocery Shopping Like Regular People

When buying groceries, celebrities seem to fall into one of two types. The other half refuses to leave the house. We’d never see them swiping their credit cards in Target because everything gets delivered. Faces like Britney Spears, on the other hand, practically live in the Walmart parking lot.

Imagine bumping into a celebrity while supermarket shopping? It’s time to take some pictures. Here are ten celebrities who go grocery shopping like regular people.


1. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has upped her degree of prominence after the release of 7 Rings, but she isn’t above going to the grocery store. Ari’s tweet follows a slew of others expressing their love for Whole Foods. During her supermarket run, Ari did stop for a fan photo but a closer look, and you’ll see Louis Vuitton. Groceries? Yes. However, please do so in style.


2. Britney Spears


Britney Spears’ rags to riches story includes her humble beginnings. Spears has trouble spelling on her grocery list, but at least she’s running herself. She isn’t beyond leaving her list strewn about the parking lot. She may have a Vegas investment home, but this chick does her grocery shopping.


3. Zac Efron


Zac Efron gained enough career investments to get away with skateboarding through a grocery store. When he skated through his local Gelson’s supermarket in California, though, his rugged good looks and superstardom were plainly enough to keep him out of trouble. Whenever he’s done choosing food, he drops it next to his basket on the ground, which is undoubtedly handier than looking for a parking spot.


4. Justin Bieber

Some celebrities on this list have been casually shopping for groceries at Walmart. They come in unannounced, grab some snacks, groceries, and candies, and leave to attract as little attention as possible. When Bieber goes shopping, however, everyone knows. He went to the local Walmart in Stratford, Ontario, and raised a ruckus to some degree.


5. Christine Teigen

Chrissy Teigen not only conducts her own grocery shopping, but she also does so with her children. Teigen and her daughter, Luna, were loading up their cart at their local grocery store. She may be a supermodel, but she’s also a supermom when the cameras aren’t rolling. And, based on the photographs, she is a huge fan of Captain Crunch cereal.


6. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama enjoys selecting her fruits and veggies. She probably didn’t shop at her neighborhood grocery store when her husband was president, but now that he’s no longer in office, she has a little more leeway. Obama won’t allow anything to stop her from spending her credit card on her favorite foods, clothes, and anything else – because Target has everything.


7. Chris Hemsworth

Thanks to his credit in Thor, this Australian actor has become a legend, but he keeps things honest. In 2013, Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, were shopping at Whole Foods with their daughter. It appears to be the go-to grocery store for celebrities, but we’re not complaining because their store-made macaroni & cheese is fantastic.


8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has always loved Whole Foods Market. It’s not exactly surprising that another star enjoys this chain health food store, but Swift has been shopping there for years. Swift is worth a lot of investment money, and it’s probably enough for her to buy a Whole Foods outlet for herself. Groceries? This girl, on the other hand, clutches her own. Tay-Tay, it turns out, can cook up a storm in the kitchen. You’re looking at $320 million here.


9. Sean Penn

Being a Hollywood heavyweight comes with an income to match. There’s an Oscar winner, an A-lister, and a cart in that picture. Then there’s the fact that Sean Penn starred in the film Milk. Fitting. Or how about 21 grams? Those stores let you weigh your own, right?


10. Drake


Drake is a great man. This rapper declared “God’s plan” to the world in 2017, and it appears that he meant it. Drake reportedly stepped into a Miami grocery store and dropped $50,000 to pay for everyone’s groceries. Drake gets a thumbs up.